International Deaf Sports Events 2016


1. European Futsal Regional Championships-   Date: 09 -February 2016; Where: Spain.  

2. 5th European Deaf Indoor Athletics Championships Regional championships- Date: 17 -March; Where :  Torun, Poland.

3. 2nd World Deaf Cadet and Junior Greco-roman & Freestyle Wrestling Championships- Date: 01-May; Where: Tehran, Iran.

4. 4th Deaf Senior Greco-roman & Freestyle Wrestling World Championships- Date: 05-May; Where:  Tehran, Iran.

5. European Football Regional championships- Date: 09-May;   Where: Aarhus , Denmark.    

6. 11th European Deaf Handball Championships- Date: 15-May; Where:  Berlin, Germany.

7.  1st European Deaf Volleyball Junior championships- Date: 23-May;  Where: Poland  .                                   

8. 13th European deaf Tennis championships- Date: 04-June; Where:  Portoroz, Slovenia .              

9. Deaf Football world championships- Date: 19-June; Where: Capaccio Salerno, Italy.           

10. 11th European Deaf Basketball Championships-  Date: 23-June ; Where: Thessaloniki, Greece.

11. World Deaf Athletics Championships- Date: 25-June; Where: Stara zagora, Bulgaria.                                                           

12.  3rd World Deaf Volleyball World Championships- Date: 05-July; Where: Washington D.C. United States.                             

13.  World Deaf Table Tennis Championships- Date: 16-July; Where:  Samsun, Turkey.

14.  World Deaf Beach Volleyball Championships- Date: 18-July; Where: Samsun, Turkey.                                           

15. World Deaf Martial Arts Championships-  Date: 18-July; Where: Samsun, Turkey.  

16 . World Deaf Golf Championships-  Date: 22-July; Where: Copenhagen, Denmark.

17. 8th European Deaf Orienteering Championships-  Date: 26-July; Where: Olomouc, Czech  Republic.







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