7th International Bowls Tournament

The 7th International Bowls Tournament will be taking place in Belfast in 2015. The competition will run from the 28th of August – 9th of September.

There will be seven countries/Regions competing against one another within the tournament. These are:

1: Ireland;

2: Northern Ireland;

3: England;

4: Wales;

5: Scotland;

6: New Zealand; and

7: Australia.


Ireland will be represented by a squad of eight people, as listed below:


Manager & Player: Patrick Stenson

Official: Anne Stenson

Official: Kathleen Kieran




Noel O’Reilly

Humphrey Lynch

Brendan Donnellan

Vincent Gill

Anthony Kieran



Ireland’s first match will take place on Monday 31st of August.


For more info, contact: lorelei@deafsportsireland.com and keep an eye on this page- updates to come on an on-going basis.