8th EC Match Results

Match 1

Ireland V Poland: 6-0


The 8th European Championships for Deaf Men’s Football kicked off this week in Hannover, with Ireland facing their first opponents, Poland, yesterday (16th June) afternoon.

The match began at 3pm Irish time and was live streamed through German websitewww.EuroDeaf2015.eu with Irish fans both at home and abroad tuning in to watch Ireland’s impressive victory.

The final score of the match was 6-0 to Ireland, with Jason Maguire hailed as player of the match following a hat trick at 77 minutes.

The whole team played as a strong, united force, with the first goal scored just nine minutes in as Watson and Maher play a move finished by Maguire.

As the scores grew, so too did the confidence of the Irish players, with the Polish team getting few chances to try and shoot.  Goalkeeper Walsh stopped short an attempt by Poland at 66 minutes.

At the 45 minute mark, Sinclair took a free kick, making it 2-0 to Ireland, at 70 minutes, Byrne got a top corner goal, bringing Ireland up to 3 goals and from there on in, the goals began to mount; at 72 and 75 minutes, Maguire scored again, before Dudley landed another goal at 81 minutes.

Poland were feeling the pressure as the match drew to a close, at 90 minutes, with four added on for Injury time, Poland tried to score but were blocked by Lowney, who kept the 6-0 victory for Ireland.

The team are now in training for their second match tomorrow (Thursday 18th June) against the Ukraine.


Player of the match: Jason Maguire

maguire man of the match








The team now has 3 points.



Match 2

Ireland V Ukraine: 1-4

The Irish Team faced their second opponents of the European Championships on Thursday 18th June. At 3pm Irish time, Ireland joined the Ukraine on the pitch.

It was a steady and tight match, with both sides fighting off the other’s advances. 35 minutes in, Maquire and Young combined nicely , squaring it to Cosgrave who just missed a chance to put Ireland up a goal. The scores remained 0-0.

At 75 minutes, there was a substitution, with Enda coming on for team Captain, Roy McKee.

The team took a strategic approach and held off Ukraine’s goals for some time. Unfortunately, Ukraine, a very strong team, managed to push through and score two goals against Ireland, leaving it at 2-0 to Ukraine at the 75 minute mark.

Match 3

Ireland V Hungary: 4-0

Ireland took on Hungary on Friday 20th June. The players put pressure on their opponents from early in the match and kept all of Hungary’s goals blocked. At 43 minutes the overall score remained 0-0.

Ireland were determined to be victorious and worked together to bring score against the other team. The final result was 4-0 to Ireland, giving the team a further three points and putting them through to the quarter finals against Turkey the following day.

Match 4

Quarter Finals

Ireland V Turkey: 2-5

Ireland faced Turkey at 3pm Irish Time on Saturday the 21st of June for the quarter finals of the European Championships in Hanover. The match was played on a different pitch to the previous games, in Beekee Stadium.

The team line up was announced 45 minutes before kick off as follows:

Goal keeper: Walsh;

Defenders: Maher, McKee, O’Donnell, and McAra;

Midfielders: Watson, Byrne, Maguire, and Young;

Forwards: Cosgrave, and Sinclair;

Subs: Dudley, Miller, Lowney, Beattie, Keating, and Dunne.

Turkey are renowned for being a strong team with a high ranking and they put up a strong fight against Ireland, but the Irish team kept up a fight, playing a high tempo, skilled game despite the heavy rain. After 20 minutes, Turkey started to put pressure on the Irish team with a lot of possession.

At 24 minutes, Young takes a free kick from outside the box and the ball is headed in by O’Donnell, scoring the first goal of the game, making it 1-0 to Ireland. It evened out at 26 minutes, with Turkey scoring a penalty (1-1).

The scores remained steadfast up to half time, but it was a tough first half, with Turkey  having the lion share of possession; lots of one twos there. Ireland kept defending well throughout the first half, but Turkey was a very strong opponent. Ireland played lots of long balls to Cosgrave, Sinclair and Watson.

At 52 minutes, Maher was sent off in a contested call by the Referee and Turkey were granted a penalty. Turkey scored the penalty, bringing it to 2-1 to Turkey. Straight away, there was a corner for Turkey, which Ireland clears keeping the score the same. At this point Ireland had a substitution, with Dudley coming on for Cosgrave.

At 68 minutes, Turkey scored again, the score then stood at 3-1 to Turkey. At 70 minutes, there Ireland had another substitution due to injury, with Beattie replacing Watson. At 83 minutes, Turkey pushed forward again and scored a goal, but just two minutes later, Young scores a goal with a free kick, now 2-4.

As the match drew to a close, Lowney came on for Sinclair.

At 91 minutes the Referee rules another goal by Turkey, although it is contested due to a possible offside. This makes the final score of the match 5-2 to Turkey.

Match 5

Ireland V Sweden: 4-0

Ireland played Sweden at 12pm Irish Time on Wednesday the 24th of June in their 5th match of the Championships.

The match started off at a quick pace, with a dangerous free kick outside the box by Sweden, just three minutes in. The free kick is cleared by Ireland. At 12 minutes, Ireland got a free kick from the corner flag. Young took it and it was scrambled in the box; Sweden cleared it.

15 minutes in, O’Donnell scored the first goal of the match, with a rebounding ball. This was O’Donnell’s 12th goal for Ireland.

Sweden began to put more pressure on Ireland, but the back three kept strong and held onto the 1-0 to Ireland score. At 32 minutes, Beattie suffered an injury, and Dudley was sent on in his place. Unfortunately, Byrne gets a yellow card three minutes later. The Irish team kept the great passing going.

Sweden push for a goal, but are stopped by a great save by Keating at 42 minutes; Sweden hit the bar at 50 minutes in another attempt to score.

At minute 51, Captain McKee is badly injured and Cosgrave is substituted. McAra takes the Captaincy armband.

55 minutes in, Maguire has an unfortunate slip whilst shooting and misses the net. Sweden score one minute later but it is declared offside, keeping the score at 1-0 to Ireland. Young takes a free kick at 61 minutes but goes wide. Sweden pushes back, shooting nine minutes later, but the goal is blocked by Keating.

At 71 minutes, Byrne took a penalty for Ireland and scored, bringing it to 2-0 to Ireland. Almost immediately, there was a yellow card for young, giving Sweden a free kick but it goes over. Sweden tried again at 81 minutes, but Keating continued to block their attacks.

Dunne came on for Watson and then the team pass the ball up the field, with Dudley scoring a fourth goal for the team at the 88th minute mark, the winning score was 4-0 to Ireland.

Again, Jason Maguire is named as player of the match.

Match 6

Ireland V Germany: 

Ireland played their final match of the European Championships against Germany at 12pm Irish time on Friday, 26th of June.

Germany started quickly, shooting in the first minute, but the ball went over the bar. Just three minutes in, the players got the ball down the wing and Young shot, but the ball was caught by the German keeper. Three minutes later Maguire shot and just missed a goal. At 15 minutes, Germany managed to score making it 1-0 in their favour.

35 minutes in Watson was injured, but got back up and walked it off.

Germany scored again at 40 minutes, although it was a disputed goal due to the possibility of it being offside.

In the second half of the match, Ireland kept the Germans at bay. At 52 minutes, Cosgrave came on for Sinclair. Ireland kept strong with great attacks against their opponents. Five minutes after the substitution, Dudley took a shot from 25 yards, but unfortunately missed the goal. Germany pushed back and scored a third goal at 60 minutes. At 66 minutes, Byrne tried to score from 30 yards, but was unlucky.

74 minutes in, coach Jamie Wilson comes on for Byrne! Just six minutes later, O’Donnell, Young and Cosgrave worked together to secure Ireland’s first goal; 1-3 to Germany.

Two free kicks for Ireland at 86 and 88 minutes, both taken by Dudley but narrowly missed. The score remained the same. At 89 minutes Germany managed to slide a goal through (1-4 to Germany).

A free kick for Ireland was taken by Byrne at 90 minutes with one minute additional time, but it was caught by the keeper., making Germany the winner of the match.

Ireland played well with multiple injuries and a suspension!


Ireland ranked 6th in the competition, a great result!!

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