Looking for sport activities & clubs for children or adults? You’ve come to the right place!  At the moment, we are gathering a comprehensive database  where we will list all of the clubs contact details and weekly training here.

For now, we have linked to the organisation’s Facebook or website however, should you need to urgently contact one club, please contact DSI and we will assist you.



  • St. Vincent’s Football Club: Website | Facebook |
  • Belfast Deaf United Football Club:  TBC


  • St. Vincent’s Basketball Club: Facebook |


  • St. Vincent’s Bowling Club: TBC
  • Belfast Deaf Bowls: TBC

Tennis & Badminton

  • St. Vincent’s Badminton Club: TBC
  • Belfast Deaf Badminton Club:
  • Deaf Tennis (Belfast): TBC

Swimming & Waterpolo

  • Dublin Celts Swimming & Water Polo Club:
  • Ulster Deaf Swimming Club: TBC


  • Ulster Deaf Golf Society