Tennis is only official set up at DSI AGM on 11th May 2012 for International level and development plan. We cater for players who want to have the opportunity to play recreational Tennis as well as those who wish to compete at international level.

At present, we offer competitions for:

  • Tennis Programmes
  • 12th European Deaf Tennis Championship in Koblenz, Germany in 2012
  • 22nd Summer Deaflympics Game in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2013 (TBC)
  • Dresse and Maere Tennis Cup in 2014
  • World Deaf Tennis Championship in 2016
  • 23rd Summer Deaflympics Game in Ankara, Turkey in 2017

After successful fun tennis day in November 2011, we will offer programmes to provide players with Deaf & Hard of Hearing the opportunities to participate in Tennis in Summer/ Autumn 2012. Our aim is to develop more regional based programmes; however the success of this is dependent on the recruitment of new players.

Our success is based on increasing our player numbers so we would love to hear from all interested players. Please contact any of the people listed below.


More Information

Further information about badminton, please contact;

Contact Person: Admin/SDO
Name: Joey Watson
Text: +353 834588004